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Things to do

How to spend during your recommended stay

  • How to stay in the facility

    • Aizu Higashiyama Onsen "Tsuki no Akari" View Lounge

      How to stay in the facility

      One drink service in lounge! (* Required service ticket)

      I feel relieved while feeling the scenery along the stream.Even with just a moment you can spend your time relaxing, forgetting your time.

      Bathing while enjoying hot water of Higashiyama Onsen of 1,300 years.

      In the view lounge there is also a barley tea service after bathing, a book corner,
      It is also recommended to relax while reading unusual novels and comics.
    • How about having dinner? Introducing popular restaurants etc.

      Enjoy Higashiyama Onsen! Also famous sauce-cut rice bowl and well-established stores

      Fukushima Prefecture Aizuwakamatsu City Higashiyamachi Yumoto Temple 40
      Telephone number, 0242-27-2067
      Opening hours 11:00 to 14:00, 17: 00-22: 00
      Fixed, Holiday irregular holiday

      Main menu
      Sauteed cutlet on rice bowl 810 yen Sauce pork cutlet on rice(Fin) ¥ 1,130
      Chinese noodle 480 yen Miso tanmen 640 yen
      Katsukare Rice 810 yen Pork Sauce Rice 1,130 yen
      Omurise 640 yen

      ■Yoshinoya dining room
      Fukushima Prefecture Aizuwakamatsu city Higashiyamachi gymnast character Shimpei 113
      Phone number 0242-27-2341
      Business hours 11:00 to 15:00, 17: 00-20: 00
      Fixed, Holiday irregular holiday

      Main menu
      Ramen 500 yen Miso Tanmen 650 yen
      Bean sprout ramen 600 yen Char shoe men 700 yen
      Curry fried noodles 650 yen Source cutlet on rice ¥ 900