【Official】Aizu-Higashiyama Onsen Tsuki no Akari

【※Attention and Requests at the Visit※】(Please be sure to read it.)

1. "About staff in this facility" There are permanent staff in this facility for safety, but they are not service staff.(Surveillance cameras and circulation security)

2. "Futon" Futons are prepared in the room, so please prepare your own bed.

3. "Regarding room visits" In any case, staff cannot ask you about your room.

4. "Precautions when using the public baths" If you are using the public baths in the main building or our hotel, please refrain from using the baths if you have a tattoo.

5. "Regarding opening and closing windows" For safety reasons, the windows in the rooms cannot be opened and closed.

6. "Regarding Insects" Because the inn is located in a mountainous area, insects often enter the facility.

7. "How to access" If you use the tour bus, get off at Higashiyama Onsen Station and walk about 800 meters toward the mountain side.
By car: From the Aizuwakamatsu IC, take National Route 49 towards Higashiyama Onsen Onsen, turn left at the Y-junction at the entrance of Higashiyama Onsen, and the hotel is at the end of about 1.5 km.

8. "Search by car navigation system" If you come to this facility with a car navigation system, or if you search with a mobile phone with a built-in GPS terminal, "Search by address"257-3 Shimohara, Yumoto, Higashiyama Town, Aizuwakamatsu City, Fukushima Prefecture 965-0814 257-3 Shimohara, Yumoto, Higashiyama Town, Aizuwakamatsu City, Fukushima Prefecture, Higashiyama Town "Search by name"Higashiyama Daiichi Hotel"Search by phone number" 0242-26-8585(No phone calls/search only)

About inquiries to the hotel

  • About inquiries by phone

    The facility accepts calls from 09:00 to 20:00.Please note that we cannot accept inquiries outside of business hours.

    We are currently very busy on the phone, so we may not be able to answer the phone.Please use the e-mail "[email protected]" for your inquiries.

    For simple questions, please use the "AI Concierge" function at the bottom of the page.


Google Map

Hotel Name

Aizu-Higashiyama Onsen Tsuki no Akari(Formerly Higashiyama Daiichi Hotel)


257-3 Yumoto Shimohara, Higashiyama-cho, Aizuwakamatsu, Fukushima Prefecture

Telephone number

0242-29-1000(Tsuki no Akari Reservation Center of the Tsuki no Akari·Within this facility)


In case of coming by car navigation system etc. to the hotel, or searching with a mobile phone with built-in GPS terminal etc.,

【Search by address】
■257-3 Yumoto Shimohara, Higashiyama-cho, Aizuwakamatsu, Fukushima 965-0814
【Search by name】
■Higashiyama Daiichi Hotel
【Search by telephone number】
■0242-26-8585(No phone call available·Search only)

Please search with.

For inquiries to facilities,
Tsuki no Akari Call Center【0242-29-1000 (Shousuke no Yado, Takinoyu)】
As we become, we ask you not to make a mistake.
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Accommodation Features·Facility

  • The washer / dryer in the laundry corner has been renewed!

    We have it on the 1st floor.In the laundry room (laundry corner)
    New models in 2019 for more comfortable stay and use
    became.Feel free to use it for long stays and a little laundry.
  • The hot spring tour to the main building "Shousuke no Yado Takinoyu" is free!

    The hot spring tour to the main building "Shousuke no Yado Takinoyu Yado Takinoyu" is free.
    ※Please make a reservation in advance.(Email recommended)

    We do not provide a shuttle service between the main building "Shousuke no Yado Takinoyu" and the hotel "Tsuki no Akari".Please walk (approximately 1 km), or if you are driving a car, please park in the affiliated parking lot within 300 meters from the main building and walk from the parking lot.

    You cannot park in the parking lot in front of the main building "Shousuke no Yado Takinoyu".

    Please understand that we are not responsible for any troubles in the parking lot.

    ※【Precautions when using the public bath】If you are using the main building or our public baths, please refrain from using the baths if you have a tattoo.
  • There is a book corner! (Novel, manga, picture book, etc.)

    There is a book corner at the back of the lounge.
    Please read during your stay at this facility.(Be sure to return to the original place.)
    There are novels, comics, picture books, etc.

    In the future, we will increase if there is a request etc.,
    Please tell us your voice.
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Information on your stay

  • Information on rooms and facilities

    In order to realize a reasonable price, our "Tsuki no Akari" we operate non-service in principle.

    Rooms are non-

    ■"Tsukimitei", 10 reasonable Japanese-style rooms without bath and toilet
    ■9 standard Japanese-style rooms "Tsukigentei" with bath and toilet
    ■Gessouann Japanese-style rooms "Gessouann" with bath and toilet
    ■Western-style room with bath and toilet(Single)1 room
    ■Western-style room with bath and toilet(Twin)1 room

    We prepare rooms that match the budget and purpose, so we are preparing.
    Please make a reservation.

Information on group facilities

  • An inn with a spectacular open-air bath and a private bath Aizu Higashiyama Onsen Shousuke no Yado Takinoyu Official Website

    Aizu's backroom “Higashiyama Onsen”, together with Kaminoyama Onsen and Yunohama Onsen Yamagata Prefecture, was once called Ou Sanrakugo, and is said to have been opened by Gyoki in the second half of the 8th century or in the Tenpyo's year of Gyoki.

    This facility has been Jalan OF THE YEAR 2017" again this year! (Tohoku 11-50 rooms section, 7th time in total)! Some guest rooms have been renewed in 2017! A new silky bath for women and a fresh bathtub are also available!

    Aizu Higashiyama Onsen"Tsuki no Akari".
    , Please use the main building "Shousuke no Yado, Takinoyu".

Reserve·Contact us

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0242-29-1000 Please tell me that it is the matter of "Tsuki no Akari".

From 09:00 to 20:00 Outside hours are possible, but it will be returned after the next day.